Defamation Lawsuit - V0.25 Released!


- Updated Super Bunnyhop route. Now, George has more options dedicated to him (these are experimental routes and don't have much detail to them) and accessing other characters is done through a new menu choice. This means that the initial menu is less overwhelming to new players. 

- Added new route: SquidTheSid. Yes, I'm now a romance option. 

- Updated MatthewMatosis dialogue (made the meme a bit less obscure and a whole lot less potentially defamatory) and added in obligatory warning dialogue that the characters in this game are not actual reflections of the real life people. 

 - Restructured code. Made the labels in my script keep to a consistent style as opposed to a bunch of different ones. Should help readability.

And other minor updates.  Next major update is the "preydator update". 

Files 37 MB
Aug 24, 2017 22 MB
Aug 24, 2017

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