BOLD Update - V0.3 Released!

This is one boLd update fOr you all! 

WhereaS othEr updates weRe big, this one is BOLD. 

How so? 

Well, I BOLDLY updated the intro of the game. You know those boring credits? Gone. Vanished. Poof. 

The game's credits have been BOLDLY moved into the game's about section and BOLDLY expanded upon, with URLs to the artists.

Yeah, artists.  I've BOLDY added in new secret music by Kevin Macleod, raising the track count to a BOLD two. 

I've BOLDLY added in a secret BOLD route that may or may not involve a BOLD guy. 

But mechanically speaking, this is by far the biggest and BOLDEST update. I've used the BOLD power of Python to  add in a "password" system that will let you BOLDY unlock hidden routes (and a BOLD hint, the password for the first hidden route is hidden in some pattern on this devlog). 

Finally, last but still BOLD, I've updated the Noah route with BOLD text (it's a slight update, but it's still BOLD). 

Preydator update will be coming soon, most likely as V0.4, depending on how much content I get done. 

P.S. If you found the pattern. Type it in lower case, not uppercase. I was stupid/lazy and didn't bother with capitalization in the game. :/ 


JosephAndersonDatingSim-0.3 43 MB
Aug 25, 2017
JosephAndersonDatingSim-0.3 29 MB
Aug 25, 2017

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