V0.2 - "New Moon" Released!

This one's a big update. I've rewritten a lot of the dialogue (whether it's better or worse is up to you), added in a new character, and much more! 


- Added in a Nova route! (this replaces the old Nyx route)

- Added in a Grineer encounter with the Grineer Lancer (with choices!) 

- Rewrote dialog for Frost, Ember, and Nyx routes. 

- Rewrote dialogue of all secret routes. 

- Expanded usage of secret protagonist. 

- Added in new secret route.

-Corrected numerous speLling mistakEs

 -Many affection values were updated. (though they don't do anything as of yet)

Future Plans: 

For the future, the next update might be longer than 2 weeks. I've got to update the Joseph Anderson Dating Simulator with the "Preydator" update and work on my video review of Dead Cells, so those will take priority. 


I listened to a lot of Scandroid while working on this update. Check him out. He's good: 


WarframeDatingSimulator-0.2-pc.zip 30 MB
Sep 08, 2017
WarframeDatingSimulator-0.2-mac.zip 15 MB
Sep 08, 2017

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